Monthly P&L2

Profit & Loss Statement

Demo Information

Frontend: Angular (V7)

Backend/API: AWS Lambda

Database: DynamoDb

Hosted on AWS CloudFront

Live Demo Here [ ]

Annual P&L Data
Annual P&L Data

Business Case

I spent a large part of my career as a financial analyst working with Excel (ugh!) and financial statements. This is quick example of the power of modern web frameworks in putting together P&L data. This project is a work in progress and more tools are available to beta users, but it’s an example of what will eventually replace spreadsheets (if not already).

Online Marketing SEM React Demo

Demo Information

Industry: Online Marketing

Sub-Industry: Search Engine Marketing

A to Z Lead Time: 1 Month

Hosted on Google Cloud Services : App Engine (Python)

Powered by CoreUI

Live Demo Here []

Business Case

This dashboard provides a unified UI between different APIs that run online marketing campaigns, completely designed and developed by Kicking Panda.  The end user required a unified UI between different systems (including their own).  Users can quickly filter down to the information they need, and adjust settings on the fly across different platforms.

This is only a small part of a online marketing dashboard linking together Google/Yahoo and Facebook APIs into one front-end.  The data being shown is real campaign data by a personal website of ours and a very kind company in Tokyo, Japan that is sharing their data with us.

There isn’t any statistical data in the demo, but we have all CPC and ROI stats available from the API and is being shown in the actual version.