Sports Odds Site

Demo Information

Frontend: Angular (V7)

Backend/API: Python Web2app Google App Engine Standard Env

Database: MySQL

Hosted on Google App Engine

Live Demo Here [ ]

LineCrunch NFL Dark Theme
Self-updating, analytics dashboard for odds

Business Case

This is a work-in-progress project for a sports scores platform with analytics. As some may know, there is a lot of sports analytics and presenting them in a understandable way requires an excellent front-end.

Panda Shopping Demo

Shopping Demo

Demo Information

Frontend: React

Backend/API: NodeJs / GraphQL (Apollo+Yoga)

Database: Prism

Hosted on Heroku

Live Demo Here []

Shop item giant panda
Items and carts

Business Case

We’ve been getting more demand for E-Commerce websites, as well as I wanted to test GraphQL (alternative to REST). I really like that it makes it easier for front-end development with some nice toolings and a rich query language, but I feel backend maintenance is a bit much. But if anyone wants to work together in GraphQL or E-Commerce, this is a fully functional demo.