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  • kicking panda devs

    Kickass Developers!

    Highly Caffeinated. Highly Motivated. In the Zone. Ready to serve.
  • Monthly P&L2

    Profit & Loss Statement

    his is quick example of the power of modern web frameworks in putting together P&L data.
  • Upwork Dashboard

    Business Critical

    Real-time data and analysis.
  • Online Marketing SEM React Demo

    Search Engine Marketing dashboard for display ads combined with search ads across different publishers. (React / App Engine / Python)
  • Custom Tables & Charts

    Visual Dashboards designed and put together by our UI specialists
  • Beautiful Dashboards Across All Devices

    Multimedia Dashboards integrating multiple APIs from Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.
From Data Extraction to Forms to Dashboards to Success

Who We Are:
We are a development team formed of people from around the world

Kickass Development that creates business edges, and making the world a better place for pandas.

Develop technology to turn complex ideas and process into manageable solutions using a combination of the 3 Ds:

Data – data solutions to get the data the business needs, when they need it, and in the format they need it in
Dashboards – data visualization that makes looking at numbers not so bad
Designs – tools and processes that streamline business operations

Specialized Development Services

Data Visualization

Use your data and modern tools to not only show numbers, but tell a story and allow the user to focus on what's important.

Technical Consulting

Our team has a combined 50 years of development experience, so let us guide you through the tough questions and decisions.


Digest information faster with interactive dashboards that can be transformed to fit your business and customer needs.

API Connections

Is there data you want your system to connect to automatically? APIs make financial, market, user, etc data more accessible.


We strive for excellent service and pride ourselves in filling in the technology gaps for your business.

Data Modeling and Analysis

This includes everything from raw data, to databases, data warehouses, data cleaning, reporting, analysis, and algorithms.

  • Angular
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • DotNet
  • GCS
  • MySql
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • React
  • SqlServer